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036- Sculpture

18" Wide ­ 8" Tall

Artist mark: "W" and indecypherable. Sculpted by Clem Hull and/or Walter Hull
at Tesuque, New Mexico in 1938.

According to owner Richard Thomas, "I believe we received them either from Clem or Uncle Walter in the summer of 1938 when the family did the Rotary Convention in Denver, then meandered down to Santa Fe to visit Uncle Walter."
From correspondence with Robert Hull - March 1, 2005

Appearing in the March 18, 1937 edition of the Santa Fe New Mexican is the following notice: "ROYAL SIAMESE CAT LOST FROM VILLAGE ­ Clem Hull is mourning the loss of his royal Siamese cat which disappeared from the Hull residence at Seton Village. These unusual animals are arked by black almost human faces, black paws, buff background of fur. Anyone having information on the cat is asked to call 1365-J"

These cats are doubtless Clems' and Walter's tribute to Clem's loved, lost Siamese cat.

From the private collection of Richard A. Thomas


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