Dear Robbie!

What a great testimony.  It revived so many memories.  Funny how dad's
hunting or fishing trips on behalf of his children always seem to come to
a dead end.  :-)

The journey of pain for all of us has good moments and also the bad.  My
most cherished moment, of course, was when daddy was on his death bed and
said he wanted to talk with me..  "I have seen Jesus he said,  He is
coming to take me home."  I was angry at the time and just thought he was
bailing on his responsibility as a father.  It took me 12 years to
understand what he was saying.  I am glad that you understand as well.
May He continue to heal us all for the bad moments and may we always
remember the grand moments.

           My love,


Letter from Kit to The Family January 2, 2005


" .....Daddy remained dead to me until about 1988. I had reached critical
mass from a  mental, emotional, and spiritual point of view. I made a trip to
Billings, and Missoula, for the purpose of running away from my life, while spending  time
 there, Grove re-introduced my spirit to God and Jesus Christ....planted a good
 seed. Seeds take some time to germinate, it was nearly a year later that God
 revealed  Himself to my spirit, and finally I was capable of mourning
 the loss of Dad. Some time passed again after that, before He revealed Daddy to
 me in my spirit. So to me, daddy died, and had remained dead for approximately
 27 years. The good news is....Daddy is alive and well, and we will see his face
again when our times come to join him! I love you all, and I rejoice that we are all  again Clem and Fran's
 children...and Bless you David, for undertaking this task that has  reunited a family scattered to the wind.

Robert William Purves Hull

Letter from Robert to The Family January 1, 2005